Dharam Singh

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The journey to PgMP® or a PfMP® Certification is bumpy and has lot of deviations. Luckily, Dharam Singh offers plethora of ideas and ways to attain and retain the certification comfortably. Please tune in to our podcast and read our blogs to know how Dharam Singh can make a massive difference to your journey towards a Project Management Certification.

Lead Through


Long-term goals give you focus, whereas short-term goals provide you with perseverance. Stay tuned with our videos.

Purpose Driven Leadership

Project Management certifications are challenging. Consistent preparation and years of hard work would reap you good results. 

Such Certification allows Project Managers to apply their learned principles into their project’s scope and yield better outcomes both in terms of productivity and in terms of profitability.

Dharam Singh offers a boutique of services including “boot camps” that helps you drive and achieve your Project Management Certifications. Check our events page to know more about our “boot camps” near you.  

Books – Helping Project Managers "ON THE GO"

Boost your professional development with our curated books by Dharam Singh. He has authored several books for PfMP® and PgMP® with case studies and real-life stories. You can avail the books during the training sessions or online. The books are crafted for the busy Project Managers, who are time constrained.