Join Thomas Walenta, a renowned Global Project Economy expert, and myself in Episode 62 as we delve into the transformative world of projectification. We’ll unravel how the evolution towards a “project society” reshapes industries. This episode explores the ripple effects of projectification on innovation, digital progression, and the global market landscape. We’ll discuss the dynamic shift towards more agile and flexible work arrangements, the dual-edged sword they present, and the broader societal impacts that extend far beyond project completion.

Engage with us as we challenge the traditional “Business as Usual” model and dissect the evolving roles of PMOs in stable and dynamic organizational contexts. This insightful dialogue, where we share unique perspectives on the topic, is not just about information but sparking thought and discussion on how projectification influences businesses and society.

Don’t miss out on this crucial discussion that is shaping the future of work and societal development. It’s a conversation you need to be a part of. Watch now:

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