Projectification on Social Projects Globally | Thomas Walenta | Dharam Singh | Episode 61

Dive into a riveting discussion on the transformative power of global project management in the latest episode of our podcast, featuring the esteemed Thomas Walenta and myself.

🌐 Episode 61 explores the concept of ‘projectification’ and its profound influence on social projects worldwide, dissecting the intricate dynamics between project management and societal advancement.

🔍 We delve into:
– The burgeoning impact of project management on society and global practices.
– Unique challenges and requirements faced by the public sector in project portfolio management.
– Strategies for government organizations to embed a robust project management culture.
– The ripple effect of projects on societal structures and organizational operations.
– Analyzing and measuring project quality against stringent criteria.

This episode is an essential listen for senior project, program, and portfolio management professionals seeking to grasp their work’s far-reaching implications on society and understand how projects are becoming the bedrock of operational strategies globally.

🎧 Tune in to gain invaluable insights that will redefine your perspective on the project’s role in societal development.

▶️ Watch now:

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