Celebrating my successful mentoring of PgMP’s across 40+ countries & PgMP stats as on March 2020

Celebrating my successful mentoring of PgMP’s across 40+ countries & PgMP stats as on March 2020

PgMP® Certification

The PgMP® certification is uplifting professionals to experience new verticals with their career opportunities. This elite professional certification is crossing borders and reaching new heights. The importance of pursuing PgMP® is now widely evident from the increasing rate of adoption.

As on March 1, 2020, the global PgMP® count has reached 3176. In that, vCare Project Management has contributed to the success of 273 PgMP®s across forty countries. This number is 9% of the total global PgMP®s.

Global PgMP® Stats

Global PgMP® Stats

February 2020 has produced 19 new professionals to the PgMP® community and amongst that vCare Project Management has contributed to the success of 4 of them. This count constitutes 21% of the total PgMP®s of February 2020. Kudos and best wishes to all the 19 new PgMP®s.

Welcoming 19 New PgMP®s

Welcoming 19 New PgMP®s

PgMP® Fact File

  • The USA is on the top of the list with 1257 PgMP®s. Five new PgMP®s were added in February 2020. The USA continues to maintain its leadership in PgMP professionals with 40% of the total global PgMP®s
  • India, Canada, and UAE have each added three new PgMP®s to their count (India – 353, Canada – 219 and UAE – 81)
PgMP® stats

PgMP® stats latest trends

  • Australia is just 9 PgMP®s away from reaching 100. My upcoming scheduled PgMP® boot camps in June 2020 at Melbourne and Sydney should facilitate those aspiring professionals who wish to make it to the list within the top 100 PgMP® professionals in the Country.
  • By supporting Edward Githure from Kenya on his PgMP® journey, I have now successfully mentored PgMP® professionals across 40 different countries with my direct classroom programs or my online mentoring programs. Special thanks to Edward for helping me achieve this feat.
vCare Project Management PgMP® Stats

vCare Project Management PgMP® Stats

Our PgMP® Success Stories | February 2020

Our PgMP® Success Stories | February 2020

My first direct PgMP® and PfMP® boot camps in Saudi Arabia were highly successful. This success and also based on multiple requests from aspirants in Saudi has made me schedule new direct training programs in Riyadh (http://bit.ly/38LWJMX & http://bit.ly/2P9Izh4) and Al- Khobar (http://bit.ly/2T2ykvN) for March 2020. Hoping to see more successful PgMP®s and PfMP®s from Saudi Arabia by the end of 2020 that have been aided by vCare’s guidance.

I firmly believe that “Knowledge shared is Knowledge squared” and this case applies to the increasing propagation of PgMP® certification. Many Local Chapters, Partners and Project Management Experts are collaborating with me for conducting PgMP® boot camps across different parts of the world.

With a focus on my upcoming programs scheduled to happen at Germany and Italy, the expert individuals supporting these programs have also taken time to discuss on different topics surrounding project, program and portfolio management through podcasts. These discussions will significantly benefit the community as a whole in which critical insights on various titles are delivered. Please find below my latest interaction with Thomas Walenta on “Top 10 tips to become a Pro Program Manager”

Heartfelt thanks to Thomas Walenta and Vincenzo Arnone for their time and contribution. You can gain access to these discussions and many more scheduled to happen in the coming days by subscribing to my YouTube channel by visiting http://bit.ly/2RMvsTv. Apart from gaining knowledge, one can also post their queries in the comments section below with the hashtag #AskDharam. Selective questions will be clarified on the following videos whenever we find the time.

Early applicants for the upcoming PgMP® boot camps can avail special benefits and group discounts. Please share this information with your friends who would find it useful.

PgMP® Training Calendar, 2020

PgMP® Training Calendar, 2020

For more information on our upcoming direct PgMP® programs, visit http://bit.ly/2oCfpg0.

For people who are unable to join any of our direct classroom programs due to distance, safety or schedule concerns, kindly check out our online mentoring program options. Both Group Mentoring and Fast Track Personal Mentoring programs for PgMP® and PfMP® exam preparation are available

Program Management PgMP®- Online Mentoring Programs

Portfolio Management PfMP®- Online Mentoring Programs

PgMP4U is an online mobile application that helps one to prepare for the PgMP® exam ‘On The Go’. The app gives the essential support required for cracking the PgMP® exam.

Prepare for the PgMP® exam | 'On The Go'

Prepare for the PgMP® exam | ‘On The Go’

Our telegram group will assist aspirants in preparing for the PgMP® exam. It is a very active group with vibrant discussions happening daily. Individuals can get inspired more through the analysis and brainstorming happening in the group. If interested, kindly message me to add you in the group.

For any questions related to Project Management training and certifications, you can book an obligation free 15 minutes session with me by visiting talktodharam.com

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