Celebrating Excellence in Program & Portfolio Management!

Celebrating Excellence in Program & Portfolio Management!

🎉 Celebrating Excellence in Program & Portfolio Management! 🌟

It’s time to celebrate the incredible achievements of a dedicated group of professionals. Congratulations to each of you who obtained your PfMP® and PgMP® certifications with the guidance and support of vCare Project Management from February to March 2024! 🚀

Many professionals now find inspiration in your success, highlighting the effectiveness of vCare Project Management’s training and mentoring programs.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

Global Impact by the Numbers:
According to the PMI Fact File as of December 2023:
🌍 1,701 active certified PfMP® professionals globally
🌏 5,350 active certified PgMP® professionals globally

vCare’s Global Reach:
🎓 Supported 136 PfMP®s across 28 countries
🎓 Supported 500 PgMP®s across 54 countries

🌟 To Aspiring Certification Candidates Worldwide:
If you’re a Project, Program, or Portfolio Management Professional looking to boost your career, let this success story inspire you. Although the journey towards certification can be challenging, it is worth embarking on with the right guidance and support. At vCare Project Management, we are dedicated to being a part of your success story by providing you with the necessary expertise and support to help you achieve your goals.

🔍 Looking Ahead:
Accompany more professionals on their learning journey and support their growth and achievements in the upcoming years. Here’s to a year of success stories!

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