If Newton can create wonders working from home, then you can too

If Newton can create wonders working from home, then you can too

The Coronavirus has gripped countries across the globe and employers are now changing their plans and policies as they prioritize employees’ safety first. The primary concern of the governments, organizations, have been aggressively trying to stop or limit the spread of the virus. However, life cannot be a standstill. With necessary precautions in place, we must carry on with both our personal and professional life. Governments in your respective countries are on top of things and are undertaking comprehensive precautionary measures to reduce the risk of transmission. The scientific world is still not able to find a vaccine that could immune individuals from the virus.

Employees and Employers are both anxious and concerned. Currently, employers are providing compulsory leaves, encouraging employees to work remotely and decentralizing the workforce as and where possible to avoid large teams to operate from one single location. In-person meetings have been converted to virtual meetings, and employees have been suggested to use video conferencing to attend their meetings. International conglomerates such as JPMorgan Chase, Apple, Kraft Heinz, HSBC Holdings, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ford Motors, LG Electronics and Hershey Co have all barred their employee travels to affected regions. Also, many corporate events, meetings, conferences and shows have been postponed indefinitely. Specifically, employees returning from areas of widespread, have been mandated to take 14-28 days of paid leave. BCP’s in place for tackling contagious disease has been triggered to ensure operations are not affected.

Measures To Be Taken

Measures To Be Taken

Personally, my company vCare Project Management has been affected by this, with many of our confirmed training programs both corporate and classroom, planned in locations worldwide such as Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Riyadh, Al-Khobar, Seattle, San-Francisco have been rescheduled or postponed indefinitely. This was a big disappointment for me on both personal and professional lines. Professionally, our commitment to students who wanted to undertake the programs in person got affected. Our plans with regards to their preparation, application process, individual learning curves, training delivery etc. need to be altered now to meet the new timelines. Also, my objective and target for 2020 to support a minimum of 100 PgMP’s and 30 PfMP’s to their success are now under jeopardy.

With these thoughts on my mind, I was skimming through my LinkedIn feed yesterday where I was suggested an article that has been published in the Washington Post. It detailed how Sir Isaac Newton survived the great plague of London in 1665 via social distancing and while doing so, how he was also able to emerge more successful in his career as a scientist. While he retreated to his abode and spent a couple of years there because of the plague outbreak, he was able to generate many hypotheses including his early works on calculus, the theory of optics and the most famous attribution to him till date, the ‘theories of gravity and motion’. This period in his life could be classified as ‘annus mirabilis’, meaning “year of wonders”.

Reading this was a huge source of inspiration to me, and this has made me take to resolve. Taking a leaf out of Newton’s life, we all too could do wonders in the coming months by emerging more robust than before.

Professionals who were long postponing their plans to prepare for your certification journeys due to travel or time issues or availability concerns etc. can now benefit from this situation. Companies whose business operations today stand disrupted due to the present situation and whose workforce or nature of work cant be supported through remote work too can now benefit from this situation.

Not sure how long we have to wait for the corona virus-related restrictions to be lifted off. But vCare Project Management and its trainers are brazen to take up this challenge to support aspirants and organizations in these tough times. With their higher availability now, many aspirants have already reached out to me to capitalize on the current context for completing their certification journeys. So we are organizing multiple virtual training programs to cater to them.

One of my corporate program for Telstra in Melbourne too was put on hold due to the virus outbreak. With the acceptance of the company and the candidates, I converted it into an online virtual program, and the classes have been completed successfully. I have received great feedback from the participants and the company for accommodating according to their requirement. Now, this program has helped me to provide them with even more value and implies that companies too can make use of this option where they can authorize or approve for long-standing training programs to their workforce. Get your staff trained now so that when the tough times pass, they are encouraged to combat your business challenges later.

We are planning to conduct three different types of virtual online boot camps addressing multiple time zones worldwide. Also, this could be a great chance to study with a very diverse group of individuals.

Virtual Bootcamps

Virtual Bootcamps

Because of the hardships that the companies and professionals are going through currently, I have decided to offer multiple discounts and flexible payment options to these programs. Stated offers will be decided on a case by case basis and to know your eligibility, reach out to me in a personal message or kindly mail to [email protected]. Please share this information with your friends who would find it useful.

  • 3 Days Virtual Program (Standard 9 AM – 5 PM) with a couple of breaks in between
  • 5 Days Virtual Program (5*4 hours / session) Half a Day programs
  • 4 Weeks – 12 Weeks Weekend only Virtual Program (1 – 4 hours per day, either Saturday or Sunday or Both)
Online Bootcamps Calendar

Online Bootcamps Calendar

Following are the program links,

PgMP® , 4-8 April 2020 – http://bit.ly/2QacgPd

PfMP® , 16-20 April 2020 – http://bit.ly/33hDeKj

PgMP® , 20 – 22 April 2020 – http://bit.ly/2Wc3GU0

PgMP® , 1-3 May 2020 – http://bit.ly/3aVakC6

PfMP® , 8-10 May 2020 – http://bit.ly/2QeHG7d

PgMP® , 10-14 May 2020 – http://bit.ly/2TWCN3C

Prince2® starting from March 29, 2020 (10 Weeks Weekend Program) – http://bit.ly/2vRu8ry

PMP® starting from March 29, 2020 (12 Weeks Weekend Program) – http://bit.ly/3aQr7X0

Leading SAFe 5.0® starting from March 29, 2020 (4 Weeks Weekend Program) – http://bit.ly/2xAKSDX

View all our Online Self E-Learning Programs : http://bit.ly/3b2HOid

I encourage you all to utilize this lean period that has been imposed by nature on us. Other than the programs planned above, I am going to make use of this time by creating more podcasts with project management experts in the coming days on various topics surrounding Project-Program-Portfolio Management. These discussions will provide critical insights on multiple titles. Please find below my latest interaction with Vincenzo Arnone on “How Program Management can act as a distinguishing factor.”



You can gain access to these discussions and many more scheduled to happen in the coming days by subscribing to my YouTube channel by visiting http://bit.ly/2RMvsTv. Apart from gaining knowledge, one can also post their queries in the comments section below with the hashtag #AskDharam. Selective questions will be clarified on the following videos whenever we find the time.

Also I am planning to document many success stories of my previous students through webinar sessions which would help motivate current and future aspirants in their pursuit of certification and career success. One such event planned on March 22, 2020, is that of Ahmad Hassan, from the USA, who completed his PgMP on March 09, 2020. You can register for the webinar event by signing up using this link, http://bit.ly/39YmOJa

PgMP4U is an online mobile application that helps one to prepare for the PgMP® exam ‘On the Go’. The app gives the essential support required for cracking the PgMP® exam.

Prepare for PgMP® | 'On the Go'

Prepare for PgMP® | ‘On the Go’

Our telegram group will assist aspirants in preparing for the PgMP® exam. It is a very active group with vibrant discussions happening daily. Individuals can get inspired more through the analysis and brainstorming happening in the group. If interested, kindly message me to add you in the group.

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Link to the Washington Post Article: https://wapo.st/39WfjlZ